The free mini mindfulness course: Five powerful mindfulness tools to help you get peace of mind. 

Are you in need of some peace of mind?

Do you feel like you are a bit stuck in your head? Do you feel like you keep creating the same problems and don't know how to stop? Are you worrying a lot? Are you not living in alignment and know you are made for more? Getting tired of the advice to 'just let go' or 'just think positive'. Blijf je maar in je hoofd zitten en malen? Leef jij niet het leven waarvanstop worrying'? You know that would be helpful but you don't know HOW!  

In this course I give you 5 tools that will help you to obtain more peace of mind that will explain exactly how, step by step!  

Day 1:

Our habits determine the outcome of our lifes and level of happiness. The first day you will receive a powerful tool to break your unwanted habits! 

Day 2:

This simple question will give you the answer to what it is that would make you truly happy in this life. This question helps you to live a life that's true to you.

Day 3:

Are you hanging onto the resentment of the past? You will receive a step by step plan of how to let go and forgive. 

Day 4: 

Is your inner critic on maximum volume all the time? Day 4 is about changing your inner dialogue and becoming your own bestie. 

Day 5: 

Judgement will seperate you from yourself and others. Day 5 you receive a step by step plan to let go of judgement. 

About Nadja

I am a mindfulness coach & self love expert and I am on a mission to guide women back to their authentic self. I have helped hundreds of women to start believing in themselves again and create a life they love form the inside out. 

When I was 25 I became severly depressed because I was too hard on myself and whatever I did, I never felt like I was enough. I wasn't happy with my job, my relationship, my surroundings and especially with myself. I only had one life and I knew something had to happen.  

When I started working with a mindfulness coach I finally started to look within. This is when I started to change the relationship with myself and learned how to love myself. As the relationship with myself changed, my world world changed with me.  

I made Bali my home base as I trave the world and coach women online and offline to mindfully manage their innercritic and come back to self love. 

' Nadja's tools helped my to find happiness again. I listen to my intuition again, I have the confidence to follow my heart and I gave myself permission to love myself again.'  

-Rosalie Last  

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